Attorneys for Sovereign States in International Investment Arbitration

GDI attorneys have acted in several international arbitration proceedings under ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC and ad hoc arbitrations. They have also led numerous proceedings for the annulment and enforcement of awards. More than 70 international investment arbitrations taken by members of GDI’s team for the defense of States confirm that GDI is the firm with widest experience in the industry.

Preventive Assistance

GDI team is not only engaged with the defense of States in international investment arbitration, but also with the prevention of origination of disputes. To that effect, the first “Program for Professional Training of Government Attorneys in International Investment Arbitration” has been developed and is implemented jointly with different government offices.

Trade Arbitration

GDI provides advice and legal representation services in trade arbitration to individuals, legal entities and federal and provincial States in trade arbitration, in a wide range of business industries.

Public and Private International Law Disputes

GDI provides advice and legal representation services in disputes under human rights international treaties, international humanitarian law, sea international law and other international law treaties.

Advice on Laws and Contracts

GDI actively advices States in the drafting, negotiation and renegotiation of international treaties, and domestic laws on foreign investment, arbitration and prevention of international disputes. GDI also offers advice and counselling to legal entities and individuals in the drafting and negotiation of international contracts.

Our experience

As Attorney for the Argentine Government, Osvaldo Guglielmino led the defense of the Argentine Government in more than 50 international investment arbitration cases. During his office, Argentina could reduce the cases brought against the State in an aggregate amount of USD 43,000 million.

Since its creation, GDI has participated in tenths of international investment arbitrations and trade arbitrations, and in other complex international litigations and negotiations of different industries, helping its clients to achieve favorable settlements or judgements for amounts higher than USD 2,000 million, including recovery of costs.


Our Team

Osvaldo Guglielmino

Yolanda Consuegra

Guillermo Moro

Alejandro Vulejser

Maria Eugenia Borrajo

Miguel Colquicocha

Francisco Calvo

Abril Elverdin

Matias Toselli

Catalina Aguirre Jones

Gonzalo Brukman

Lara Jarsun

Luana Florencia Taragan