About us

Guglielmino Derecho International (GDI) is a law firm exclusively committed to the practice of international law.

Our main field of expertise is international investment law. GDI is the law firm with widest experience in this field: GDI’s attorneys have litigated in more than 70 international investment cases.

But GDI is not only known for its experience in international investment arbitration. GDI only provides advice and legal counselling services to States. Thus, it has built a unique expertise in international legal disputes involving States, and has developed a committed, non-speculative and free of conflict-of-interest exercise of the law profession in the negotiation and litigation of cases for States. This is one of the most renown trademarks of GDI at the global level.

GDI offers advice and legal representation services to companies and States in international trade arbitration.

GDI also provides advice and legal representation services in conflicts under human rights international treaties, international humanitarian law, sea international law and other international law treaties.

Specialization in complex international disputes

GDI usually works at all stages (prevention, negotiation, litigation, and enforcement) of complex international disputes involving individuals, legal entities and/or States of different business industries, such as oil and gas, electric power, telecommunications, building, food and beverages, financing, pension, agricultural manufacturing, tourism, import and export of goods and services, transport and others.

Experience and determination

GDI’s team has gained wide experience through the years. GDI put such experience at the service of a practice of law committed with the defense of its clients’ interests. Technical skills, detailed services and exhaustive efforts are a distinctive feature of GDI’s practice in all its cases.

Vocation and teamwork

GDI’s team is formed by attorneys of different ages and professional backgrounds joined by a common interest: the vocation for international law practice. The services provided to its clients are produced at a lively and respectful environment ruled only by effort and best-ideas hierarchies.